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About Asian Bridge Company

Ever since the Asian Bridge Company 2006  was established , we have aimed to be a company that is loved, trusted, and enduring by providing high-quality products to the market at affordable prices and developing products that suit the market. This company’s basic policy is that we manufacture in Japan and sell overseas. Our headquarters are located in Ibaragi Pre , bando City . Within Japan, we also have Container loading place , warehouse, .  Our main products are engine oil  for automobiles, bikes, and industrial machineries , We as  the exclusive agents of Chugai, RIZING Factory

It is classified as one of the high-end factories, wonderful

products and international quality.

Asian Bridge Co. Ltd. is the good choice for your business in Japan. With our experienced team, you will be able to get the perfect combination of cost, time, efficiency and quality for your goods’


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Please feel free to get in touch using the form below.  We’d love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you

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شركة الجسر الاسيوي المحدودة هي مناسب لعملك في اليابان. مع فريقنا المتمرس ، ستتمكن من الحصول على مزيج مثالي من التكلفة والوقت والكفاءة والجودة لبضائعك

ارجو ان لا تتردد بالتواصل معنا حتى وان كان صعبا الجواب على تساؤلاتك لكننا يمكن ان نسمعك !!

ملاحظة هامة :

اليابانيون تعاملهم وتحركاتهم بكل دقة وحذر و تختلف تماما عن الطراق المعتادة في بلداننا العربية -- حتى احيانا يشعر الزبائن بالاشمئزاز ونفاذ الصبر بالتعامل معهم لكن الصبر  هنا هو مفتاح الفرج !!

Company Name :  Asian Bridge Company

Established Date : October 2006

 Financial Capital



Koikawa Samishin  

 President Biography:

1964 was born in Baghdad- Iraq

We can Speaks Arabic, Russian, English and Japanese 

 License No: 401270001472


Ibaragi Pre, Bando City

Registration of Collection Operators

Governor of Ibaragi Registration

2006 Year


Skype ID





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